Stocktake sale Pandemic Porter – Vanilla Infused 5%

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Vanilla might mean plain when it comes to ice cream, but for beer it is anything but. Similar to coffee or chocolate, vanilla is a complicated blend of flavours just by itself, the result can be greater than the sum of its ingredients.

The vanilla imparts a delicate creaminess and palate-seducing softness. Its presence heightens the roundness of the chocolate undertones associated with beers of this style.The vanilla is noticeably present up front especially in the aroma, but it doesn’t overpower the beer.

Our Pandemic Porter has been created with 97% of our own farm grown malts; roasted wheat, roasted barley, chocolate malt & pilsner malt.

This porter is extremely drinkable, more malty than hoppy with just the right amount of vanilla bean richness and deepness.

The original porter style was developed in London in the late 1700s, supposedly the result of blending old (as in stale or sour), new (brown ale), and mild beers so as to make something palatable. The name originated due to its popularity with street and river porters. 

375ml cans – 5% ABV


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